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SiT runs on many platforms, it will run and is run in many types of GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, other UNIX’s and of course Windows.  Of all these platforms one of them stands out for causing a lot of trouble for it’s users and for us as SiT developers.  Can you guess which one?

Most of the SiT developers use Linux often, and nearly all of those use it all the time as their primary workstation OS so it’s probably not suprising that SiT works best with Linux and similar UNIX style OS’s, also I think, with SiT being Free Software I think there is a natural tendency for us developers to favour FOSS platforms over proprietary ones such as Windows.  So it could easily be assumed that less less effort goes into ensuring SiT works well with windows.  Actually it’s nearer the opposite, we find ourselves taking a lot of time supporting users trying to install SiT under windows, and we spend a lot of time making special exceptions in the code to make it work with Windows.  Add to that the amount of time we spend fighting with the worse browser on the planet: IE, and the hours supporting the windows platform add up to be quite significant.

If you haven’t settled yet on a platform to use to run SiT, let me encourage you to choose carefully.  Don’t assume that because Windows is the OS that the majority of the world is familiar with and because it’s backed by a HUGE company it’s the best choice.  For running SiT, it certainly isn’t the best choice in my opinion.

P.S. If you really still want to, there’s instructions here


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