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Thanks to the lovely people at we have a lovely new website: 🙂 We’re still in the process of moving things around but the main website and and the wiki have been moved so far. Once we’ve finished moving all services we’ll provide appropriate links and redirections.

If you’re wondering why we moved, it was a series of annoying issues with Sourceforge. Now I can’t be too hard on SF as they provide hosting and numerous other services, all for free. That said, they don’t half make it hard to use. Their bug tracker and forum are terrible for a useability point of view, thankfully we managed to move away from their bugtracker a while ago. The final straw was their mediawiki implementation. Whilst we appreciate them adding the software, the fact that I couldn’t login with an underscore in my username, nor could anyone edit the wiki unless being an admin level sort of defeated the point of having a wiki at all. No simple URLs and restrictions on what the wiki could do meant we couldn’t actually set it up how we want.

Enough ranting, I hope you enjoy the new site and services as much as we do.


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