SiT v3.51 Released

The Support Incident Tracker developers are pleased to announce the immediate availability of v3.51, thanks to the dedicated hard work of our developers, translators and testers.

This release is purely a bug fix and translation update. If you are using the LDAP functionality within SiT, this is a mandatory upgrade due to a security bug in that functionality.

Download it now or view the release notes.


  • An important security fix (Bug 1047) for those people using the LDAP feature
  • Many minor and not-so-minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Updates to the French (fr-FR) translation by Guillaume Clement, 100% of SiT! strings are now translated to French
  • Updates to the Dutch (nl-NL) translation by Arko Kroonen, 100% of SiT! strings are now translated to Dutch
  • Updated Danish (da-DK) translation by Carsten Jensen

Issues Resolved since the last release

  • 0001047: [LDAP] Possible to login with blank password when LDAP is enabled (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001006: [knowledge base] any user can open http://site/portal/kb.php regardless of settings (Tomse) – resolved.
  • 0000999: [incidents] missing icon (ivan) – resolved.
  • 0001021: [incidents] incident_update.php does not validate (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001023: [other] not all tables created as UTF8 (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001037: [i18n] MIssing string (ivan) – resolved.
  • 0001003: [incidents] We need to add a plugin context to add some html to the incident closing form (nicdev) – resolved.
  • 0001005: [incidents] Creating an incident from the holding queue does not move the attachment (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0000990: [templates] When creating a new email action the template dropdown is blank (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001033: [dashboard] cyrillic text on the tasks dashboard (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001029: [LDAP] ALWAYS SET DEFAULT SITE TO CONTACTS (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001025: [incidents] javascript error on incidents_email.php (ivan) – resolved.
  • 0001022: [incidents] Drafts functionality doesn’t work in cyrilic (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001020: [incidents] problem definition chrome (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001007: [incidents] able to change the priority of an incident to one not defined at that SLA (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0001019: [incidents] visibility issue with Chrome (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0000993: [incidents] Add incident form layout messed up for site incidents (ivan) – resolved.
  • 0001004: [incidents] Javascript error prevents “New KB article” from incident closing page (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0000987: [outbound email] When adding an attachment ‘MAX_FILE_SIZE’ does not work (nicdev) – resolved.
  • 0000991: [contracts] Products page doesn’t count contracts with unlimited expiry (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0000984: [other] Release script names build directory incorrectly (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0000931: [config] Ability to configure $CONFIG[‘currency_symbol’] from control centre (ivan) – resolved.
  • 0000996: [billing] Incidents with duration less than 1 minute don’t show for approval (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0000995: [billing] Incident details shows “Activity contains no notes” when it does (paulh) – resolved.
  • 0000705: [other] Turn off line numbers for notices? (Tomse) – resolved.
  • 0000747: [search] Create a plugin hook on the search page (Tomse) – resolved.
  • 0000802: [reports] clicking in “exclude sites with” – makes it diffcult to remove (Tomse) – resolved.

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