News – July

The summer has been upon us for some time now, that doesn’t stop us from delivering some more news to you all.

The release day for SiT! v3.62 is closing in to be released soon, when? Some insider knowledge suggests within the next 3 weeks. But lets see.

We’ve had the fortune of getting Romanian translations, on the day of writing its alittle more than 52% translated with more to come all thanks to Adrian Cristinici.
We also got a large chunk of Catalan (ca_ES) from Jeff Stone
Some rumours tells us that a Lithuanian translation is on it’s way.
We are very fortunate to have 18 languages that are more than 50% translated.

The list this month is a long one 🙂
dashboard_group_incidents : Shows all open incidents for a group
feedback_verify : Before sending feedback to a user, verify if he is allowed to receive it
user_added_triggervariables_triggertypes : Plugin to add user defined trigger variables and trigger actions
tms_add_timeused : Simply adds, a field for entering time used on an incident, when closing it.
And as always our dear contributer Nico ‘Bushmand’ du Toit keeps updating the auto_create_tags it’s now version 1.87

Some statistics
Since last monthly news we’ve gotten 10 new forum members with more than double as many topics.
We are very pleased to see more and more people are interested in our work.
It seems lately that less and less bugs are found, which is very good for all of us. If you do find one, please let us know so we can make SiT! even better (report to

Since no new features will be added to the v3.x branch, I can well tell you that that doesn’t stop the expansion of the v3.x branch, many new features can be added using plugins. If you want to expand v3.x you can write your own plugins or get help from someone it’s quite easy, and I would know, I’m a total noob at programming, but yet I’ve ended up with making the tms_backup and it’s dashlet, and tms_add_timeused. The last was on a request from a user.
And as an addition, some of these plugins might even be implemented into the v4.x branch.

Now that the summer vacation is comming, we’ll can have a break from work that takes away our precious time from SiT! so you might see alot of SiT! activity during the next few months.

I want to encourage you to visit our forum and submit a vote for the poll we would love to hear your oppinion regarding our manual. Also let us know how we can improve our tutorials.

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