News – July 2012

   After an unacceptably long delay long delay (sorry about that!), we have now released SiT v3.66. This is a high priority update that addresses several security issues. We’ve also managed to sneak in a few small features in form of additional triggers. Due to the security issue we strongly recommend you to update to this version as soon as possible.

If you have problems with the translations page, and you are running PHP 5.3.9 or higher, you need to set max_input_vars = 2500 in php.ini. The default after this version is 1000, you can set any high number, but it’s recommended to have more than 2000 for the translations.

Poulvh has so kindly contributed a piece of code to us, that allows NTLM logon, this is mostly useful in a Windows environment, but it allows single signon. So now the users, contacts, managers engineers or whomever you configure to use with the Active Directory backend, will only have to logon to their desktop. Though it will not be implemented for v3.6x you can still add the patches. Please make note that this is a community supplied patch, and we might not be able to help you if you run into problems with this. You can look in our forum for more info regarding the NTLM patch. We’ll make a wiki page for this as soon as possible.

You can download v3.66 of SiT! on the button below. And we have of course also supplied a VMWare machine with this version. You can find the download link for that here.

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