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Monthly news – March

As something new we are going to keep you updated with monthly news.

SiT 3.60 LTS (Long Term Support) is closing it’s release time.

It looks like the scheduled release date of 27th of March, is holding up.

We’ve reached 58% of the fixes.

New and/or updated plugins

Some new plugins has been added, browse the plugins here

I’ll list the ones for the current version of SiT (3.51)

  • Auto create – Auto-Create incidents based on keywords
  • Auto create with tags – Auto-Create incidents based on tags given to skills
  • tms_backup – Backup SiT using SiT’s scheduler and status on Dashboard
  • Change Skill – Change the skill in the incident details window (configured skills only)
  • Choose tag – User chooses 1 of 3 pre-set tags when incident is closed

For Developers and curious folk

We had a meeting on IRC the 20th of February where we discussed things like:

  • Future of 3.x branch
  • Aims for 4.x
  • Using GIT

And we cleaned through the bugs reported.

read more here

For translators :

Additional strings has been added, please update.
see which ones are needed

SiT! Code Swarm Video

This code swarm visualization of SiT development since 2006 (when we moved over to sourceforge) shows the history of commits in support incident tracker. A commit happens when a developer makes changes to the code or documents and transfers them into the central project repository. Both developers and files are represented as moving elements. When a developer commits a file, it lights up and flies towards that developer. Files are coloured according to their purpose, such as whether they are source code or a document. If files or developers have not been active for a while, they will fade away. A histogram at the bottom keeps a reminder of what has come before.

Since some of the text is quite small it’s probably best to view the video full screen.

SiT v3.45 Beta Released

We’ve released a beta of the upcoming v3.45 for testers, translators and the curious. See the release notes for more info and a link to the download.

v3.41 is coming along nicely

Although we did a ton of testing before we released version 3.40 of SiT we did find a number of issues that we needed to address quite quickly.  We’ve done this by moving all our plans for 3.41 over to 3.45 and making a new bugfix release called 3.41, it has delayed work on our next proper release (now named 3.45) by a few weeks but we think it’s important to get a stable release out to the community as soon as possible.

Due to the way we’ve discovered the problems in 3.40, they weren’t all discovered straight away, and some have taken some time to pin down, it’s been quite a tough process to get 3.41 stable, we’re learning from this experience and it’s likely that we’ll have an svn branch waiting for bugfixes each time we do a big release in case the need to make quick fixes arises again.

As I write this 3.41 contains over 26 important bug fixes and some minor ones as well, I’m hoping thats the last of them!  If all goes well with testing we’ll probably release v3.41 in the next couple of days.

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