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Happy holidays

The SiT Team wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We’ve got only a few bits of news for you at this time, this is unfortunately due to the developers being very busy meeting deadlines after deadlines at their work, which has resulted in postponing the release of v4.0.
So if you are a developer and would like to help out, please join us at IRC and lets have a talk.

We’ve got some great news too.
We got some improved Dutch translations with better wordings, thanks to Arko Kroonen & Jasper van der Marel.
Vasilios Karageorgis started on the Greek translations and is now over 50%

After alot of work, we finally got SiT into the BSD ports system which makes it easier to install on BSD.
A quick guide is added to our wiki for installing SiT Port

We’ve created a plugins repository, which runs as a test. This should be more user friendly than downloading from SVN.
Take a look here to view the plugins listing.
Don’t forget to add the RSS feed
We would appreciate any feedback in our forum so we can improve our service to you.

News update – July

Greetings all.

The news update this month are few but regardless we do have some news for you.SiT Software box for release 3.62

SiT 3.62 was released 18th of July fixing a lot of bugs, read the release notes.
This release will probably be the last release before SiT 4.0 is released, don’t worry, we will continue the v3.x branch until around v4.2.

Due to the fact that there will be no new features directly in the 3.x releases, you might see new features anyway, in the shape of plugins.
During the past year a lot of plugins and dashlets has been created, these contributions might even find their way into the SiT core in v4.x, so one could see these as being test features.

The plugins also show how easy it can be to add own features to SiT! without having the terror of overwriting the self-made code when upgrading.

If you are a PHP programmer and you would like to help us, you are welcome to join our IRC and/or look in our developers wiki.

We are also looking for experienced artists, so if you are one, or know someone who would be interested, feel free to contact us (preferable on IRC or email to Project leader Ivan Lucas).

New/updated Plugins
As always, Nicdev007 has made improvements to the Auto create with tags plugin.
For those who are not familiar with this plugin, I can make a short description of it. When a mail from an unknown contact enters SiT!, this plugin autocreates the contact, it checks the email domain and binds the contact to this site. It also checks for duplicates.

As an addition to my previous plugin, the tms add timeused where you can add an amount of time spent on an incident, when closing the incident, I’ve created a generic plugin that can easily be modified to suit your needs, the tms customfield close. This plugin adds a custom field to the close incident page, the custom field can be renamed to what you want.
Any support, tips, suggestions are welcome here in our forums

As a sneak peak I can present a plugin manager which basically, when it’s finished, helps you install plugins, show upgrades, enable/disable them etc. When finished this will be a great addition to SiT!

If you want to see more plugins, take a look in our Plugins directory

News – July

The summer has been upon us for some time now, that doesn’t stop us from delivering some more news to you all.

The release day for SiT! v3.62 is closing in to be released soon, when? Some insider knowledge suggests within the next 3 weeks. But lets see.

We’ve had the fortune of getting Romanian translations, on the day of writing its alittle more than 52% translated with more to come all thanks to Adrian Cristinici.
We also got a large chunk of Catalan (ca_ES) from Jeff Stone
Some rumours tells us that a Lithuanian translation is on it’s way.
We are very fortunate to have 18 languages that are more than 50% translated.

The list this month is a long one 🙂
dashboard_group_incidents : Shows all open incidents for a group
feedback_verify : Before sending feedback to a user, verify if he is allowed to receive it
user_added_triggervariables_triggertypes : Plugin to add user defined trigger variables and trigger actions
tms_add_timeused : Simply adds, a field for entering time used on an incident, when closing it.
And as always our dear contributer Nico ‘Bushmand’ du Toit keeps updating the auto_create_tags it’s now version 1.87

Some statistics
Since last monthly news we’ve gotten 10 new forum members with more than double as many topics.
We are very pleased to see more and more people are interested in our work.
It seems lately that less and less bugs are found, which is very good for all of us. If you do find one, please let us know so we can make SiT! even better (report to

Since no new features will be added to the v3.x branch, I can well tell you that that doesn’t stop the expansion of the v3.x branch, many new features can be added using plugins. If you want to expand v3.x you can write your own plugins or get help from someone it’s quite easy, and I would know, I’m a total noob at programming, but yet I’ve ended up with making the tms_backup and it’s dashlet, and tms_add_timeused. The last was on a request from a user.
And as an addition, some of these plugins might even be implemented into the v4.x branch.

Now that the summer vacation is comming, we’ll can have a break from work that takes away our precious time from SiT! so you might see alot of SiT! activity during the next few months.

I want to encourage you to visit our forum and submit a vote for the poll we would love to hear your oppinion regarding our manual. Also let us know how we can improve our tutorials.

Monthly news – May

The monthly news this month has unfortunately been postponed due to two things;
The delay of the release of SiT 3.61, and for my part, vacation. My apologies.

Unfortunately as many of you might have experienced, SiT 3.61 hasn’t been released yet though it was scheduled to have been released the 9th this month. This is due to the fact that still a few bugs needs to be fixed, and the developers are very busy for the time being. Hopefully it will be released within the next 2 weeks, but I cannot promise anything at the moment.
Bug 1204 is a tricky one, and is the one that we are waiting to finish.
We do have some good news though,

Jeff Stone has been very busy translating the remaining Welsh so we have 100% on that, started on Norsk Bokmål, and made some Catalan
The Mexican Spanish has also been completed thanks to Josías Galván Reyes
Brazilian Portuguese has been updated thanks to Fernando Suzarte Schiavon
Russian has been updated and is almost 100% thanks to Sancho78rus

Big thanks to you guys 🙂

Our dear contributer and hang-around Nicdev007 has added a useful dashlet that shows ALL incidents in a select group.
This is on a forum request. You can read more about the plugin in our wiki
Also he has continued updating the Auto create with tags plugin which is now v1.80, this one now handles plugins on its own aswell. A new great feature is that it has the ability to auto create a new contact if he/she is unknown to SiT, by searching LDAP.

This time I’ve managed to create an install video tutorial, unfortunately youtube managed to reduce the quality, so you can’t actually see the text written. I’ll work to get the file put for download, if I’m successful it’ll have a link from our wiki.

News update – April

We have some great news for you in this update.

Next release:
The release of 3.61 is shaping up, and is scheduled to be released the 9th of May. This release contains mostly bugfixes.

We had a documentation day where we added/updated alot of pages, take a look in our wiki.

A nice plugin from Kieran has been added; Incident for contact This plugin creates an incident for a contact when a new contact is created.

A big part of the Welsh translations thanks to Jeff Stone and Peter Hughes.
We’ve also added a mailing list for translators. Subscribe here (just send an empty mail).

We finally got to make the first video tutorial, hopefully more will come soon.
If you have a request of a video tutorial, feel free to ask in the forum
This one is about adding Sites, Contacts and Contracts:

News – April

Happy Easter everyone.
Since the release of SiT 3.60 LTS around a week ago, we’ve have some news for you.

Virtual Machine

A new version of our VMware is out, and not only that, we’ve gotten a spot at the VMware appliance market where you have easy access from your VMware Player or Server, or you can download it from the link in the wiki.

We’ve done some improvements for this, so it can actually be turned into a production version rather than just the test, some of the features for getting into production are:

  • Password change
  • Network configuration
  • Easier way of expanding drive size for attachments etc
  • Backup/Restore scripts
  • SMTP Server
  • Better documentation


There is a great activity in the plugins directory these days. Some nice new Dashlets but also the Fonts plugin which gives correct symbols for charts for non latin characters.

A lot of the Plugins created by Nicdev007 has been updated, I suggest you try them out.


Some of you might have noticed that we’ve added translation bars on the SiT webpage. This will hopefully boost translations a bit.
We are also working on an online page where you can translate SiT without the needs to access your own site.


Saturday the 10th of April, we are going to make an overhaul on the documentation take a look on our agenda. If you feel something is missing, feel free to join us on IRC and discuss it with us. For easy access, use the Webbased IRC. You might also ask us in our forum.

Upcoming releases
The next releases that are under development are:
v3.61 LTS, which is planned to be released by the end of May. This release will contain mostly bugfixes.
v4.0 Is still under development, but the plan is to release it sometime in the fall, September month has been mentioned but thats still unofficial.
Sneak peak for whats new in the 4.0 Release : User profile page teaser (it’s still in development)
SiT User Settings in 4.0

SiT v3.60 Released

Version 3.60 of Support Incident Tracker (SiT!) has been released thanks to the dedicated hard work of our developers, translators and testers. This release is a bugfix and translations update and has many bug fixes and small improvements and it’s key focus is stability.

This is a Long Term Support edition, which means that we will be providing Technical Support and bug fixes for this release (as v3.61, v3.62… etc.) until around the time that v4.1 is released. Security fixes will be made available for longer than that – at least until v4.2 is released! We’ve decided to do this so that we can concentrate our main development efforts on exciting new features for 4.x without ignoring existing users who are currently using the 3.x versions of SiT! and to provide a stable upgrade path.

Please see our Roadmap.

All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this release. See the Release Notes for more information.

Grab your copy now!


  • Many minor and not-so-minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Updated German (de-DE) translation (65%) by Raffael Luthiger
  • Updated Slovenian (sl-SL) translation (52%) by Alen Grižonič
  • Updated Danish (da-DK) translation (100%) by Carsten Jensen
  • Updated Russian (ru-RU) translation (99%) by sancho78rus
  • Support for daylight savings time (DST)
  • Added more plugin contexts, including support for a plugins tab on the configuration page

The new configuration page for plugins in v3.60 is already supported by a number of plugins and more will take advantage of this soon.

SiT 3.60 plugin configuration page

Have a look at our expanding Plugins Directory to see how you can extend SiT! in various interesting ways to meet your own specific requirements. If you’re interested in creating your own plugins or releasing plugins that you’ve already written we’d love you leave a comment and tell us about it.

Preparation for 3.60 LTS Release

In the preparation for the release of 3.60 LTS (Long Time Support) version, which is waiting just around the corner.
We have made some changes to our Wiki pages, giving you an easier approach to find help.

The front page of the Wiki is redesigned, making it more user friendly.

But we have also done some major restructuring to create a Manual.

We hope you like what we’ve done. If not, please give post some constructive feedbacks in our forum

Welcome to our new wiki frontpage

Monthly news – March

As something new we are going to keep you updated with monthly news.

SiT 3.60 LTS (Long Term Support) is closing it’s release time.

It looks like the scheduled release date of 27th of March, is holding up.

We’ve reached 58% of the fixes.

New and/or updated plugins

Some new plugins has been added, browse the plugins here

I’ll list the ones for the current version of SiT (3.51)

  • Auto create – Auto-Create incidents based on keywords
  • Auto create with tags – Auto-Create incidents based on tags given to skills
  • tms_backup – Backup SiT using SiT’s scheduler and status on Dashboard
  • Change Skill – Change the skill in the incident details window (configured skills only)
  • Choose tag – User chooses 1 of 3 pre-set tags when incident is closed

For Developers and curious folk

We had a meeting on IRC the 20th of February where we discussed things like:

  • Future of 3.x branch
  • Aims for 4.x
  • Using GIT

And we cleaned through the bugs reported.

read more here

For translators :

Additional strings has been added, please update.
see which ones are needed

SiT v3.51 Released

The Support Incident Tracker developers are pleased to announce the immediate availability of v3.51, thanks to the dedicated hard work of our developers, translators and testers.

This release is purely a bug fix and translation update. If you are using the LDAP functionality within SiT, this is a mandatory upgrade due to a security bug in that functionality.

Download it now or view the release notes.


  • An important security fix (Bug 1047) for those people using the LDAP feature
  • Many minor and not-so-minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Updates to the French (fr-FR) translation by Guillaume Clement, 100% of SiT! strings are now translated to French
  • Updates to the Dutch (nl-NL) translation by Arko Kroonen, 100% of SiT! strings are now translated to Dutch
  • Updated Danish (da-DK) translation by Carsten Jensen

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